Buddy Up: Why partner work outs are awesome!

Don’t feel like working out after work? It’s one thing to cancel plans with yourself but it’s another to cancel on your friend—someone who’s counting on you!


News flash: The treadmill and the bench press aren’t the most exciting ways to pass the time. With a partner, you can get your heart racing in more interesting ways. Together, you can play one-on-one basketball, tennis and squash, or make running outside together a lot more fun.  I believe that whenever you’re working out with someone else, the intensity is always going to be great than when you’re alone!

One key tip when picking your partner: Your athletic abilities should be in the same ballpark. A more seasoned gym-goer won’t get as much out of working out with a newbie. If you’re on the same level, you can push each other! An exercise buddy makes such support even more personal. If you decided to become more active this year, having an exercise pal may help you achieve and maintain that goal.



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