Even though the temperature has dropped, and Winter is here, I try not to let the cool wind and cold days stop me from running outside. The great thing about Fall in the City, is that we get a few mild days in between the freezing chills, and that’s a great time to sneak in a run. Running is such an amazing way to boost your energy level and immune system (who wants to deal with that annoying cold this Winter), lose weight and build a firm bum.


Whether you’re training for a marathon, or just a beginner, the success to becoming a “happy runner” is to start off with a great attitude. When I’m getting ready for a dance performance or sports modeling job, running gets me into shape. The health benefits are amazing, it’s among the best aerobic activities for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs, not to mention running only one mile can burn between 100-400 calories, depending on your time, speed, weight, and the terrain (running outdoors generally burns more calories than running on a treadmill). It relieves stress, puts you in a great mood (and can even help with mild depression), some people experience a “high” from all the endorphins it releases, and soon enough you’ll love to run because of how great it makes you feel and look. The proof will come when every guy you meet, asks for your number.

So, how do you get inspired to run? Inspiration can come from anything, the trick is to find what works for you. I’m inspired by many things, like my surroundings. I love running on the West Side along the Hudson River,  where I have the beautiful lights from the new World Trade Center in front of me throughout my run, or around the Reservoir in Central Park – where you find the most amazing skyline views, not to mention all the people watching. Or, maybe I should call it what it is, men gazing…there are so many hot guys running along the path. I started running after boys at a very young age, and I continue to do it to this day. I even met a guy while running in Central Park, we ended up dating and it all started because I ran behind him for a while, just staring at his ass (talk about great surroundings). When I really want to push myself, I try to sprint past 10 people and then slow to my regular pace, and when I’m trying to show off, I always try to run past men, so when I started to pass Joe, he started flirting with me, probably because he didn’t want to be beaten by a girl, and it led to dinner and other exciting things. Running really does make your sex life better!

Music! My favorite accessory when I run, are my huge headphones. I don’t care how ridiculous I look, because unless I’m distracted by cute butts (I mean guys), I’m pretty much in my own little music world. Prodigy and Eminem have helped me through many miles and up and down countless hills, even professional runners run with music. Music pumps you up, and helps you from getting overwhelmed or anxious about the distance you have to cover. Blast your music, it helps set your pace and let your mind free from the stresses of everyday life, live in the moment and let your daydreams carry you…I’ve been a Rock Star, an Astronaut, even a Navy Seal.

If you need help getting motivated, find a running buddy or sign up to run with a running club. It gives you a sense of commitment, and holds you accountable. Just make sure to find a suitable partner, someone who matches your schedule and pace.

I hope I’ve inspired your to pick up your running shoes and get in great shape this Holiday Season. 

“Today I will run what you will not, so that tomorrow I will run what you cannot.” (Unknown)

xoxo Charlotte


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