If you think boxing is just a sport for the rough and tough, you’re wrong. Boxing is now one of the most popular fitness regimes out there and if it’s a lean, toned and strong body you’re after then this could be the sport for you!

You kill major calories without all the stress on your joints from running miles and miles. You’re not lifting weights or gaining bulky muscles. You’re getting stronger of course, but lean. And most important (to me) it’s fun and everyone goes at their own pace. Nearly every Victoria’s Secret supermodel boxes – it’s a fantastic work out for all women!
What can I expect at a class? 
A typical class will start with a 10-minute warm-up, followed by about half an hour of boxing and finishing with a 10-minute warm-down. Classes will teach you how to punch properly — it’s about technique not strength.
Classes are usually made up of around 15 to 20 people and concentrate on pad work and sparring. This means you face opposite someone and throw combination punches at them which they block with their padded gloves. Then you swap and block theirs.
What benefits will I see?
Weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness all result from boxing. Many people think that boxing is all about the arms but it is actually a cardio work-out for the whole body. It’s especially good for toning your bottom and quadricep muscles, which is perfect for women who want to lose weight around their bottom and thighs as part of an overall reduction program me.
Will I get hurt?
There is absolutely no body-to-body contact allowed in boxing, so any risk is minimal. One thing to check when you’re signing up is that the instructor taking the class is qualified to teach boxing. They must have some kind of boxing certification otherwise, if for some reason you do get hurt, they are not covered by insurance. If you’re new to the sport, make sure that the instructor takes some time out to explain the moves.
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