Let me inspire you!


Well, thats what a lot of people assume a personal trainer can do for them. Inspire them, and that is absolutely something a PT could help with. But I like to try to think I can teach my clients to inspire themselves. As we look to others for help, advice and sometimes inspiration- we ultimately need to find the inspiration within ourselves at some point.

Let me tell you a story of one of my clients…Lets call her Lisa, even tough we know thats not her name 🙂 Lisa came to me and wanted to finally get her life sorted. This was it! She had 3 kids, she felt they had taken her body, her mood and her fun. This was finally the time for Lisa to think about herself for a change. This was when she was putting her foot down and changing it all. Changing the pattern. Thats what we call a client like Lisa: Change of pattern-client. I had heard it many times before.

I let Lisa talk. a lot. She had a lot to say. She needed to get it out. She told me she had no time for herself, all she ever did was for the family and it was time for her to think about herself. Lisa was sick and tired of taking care of everyone else than herself. Her husband didn’t really appreciate her- at least not as much as he should. The kids were just taking over and her parents had gotten sick the last couple of years, leaving Lisa to take care of them as well. She was just exhausted. But she was going to train! She was going to change it all around and train for at least 4 times a week now. See how I couldnt make this make sense?…

I decided to ask Lisa how she all of a sudden had managed to get some more hours to the day? She didn’t understand what I meant.

– Well, since your problem is no time to yourself…I assume you haven’t found someone else to take care of everything you have been doing, so how come we are adding more to do to your already packed schedule? and how is that going to be good for you?

Lisa just looked beaten down.

– Well, because I just have to. Its just gonna have to work. I just have to find time for myself, she said.

and I told her what I tell everyone in this situation.

– Well, we are not going to find time and we are not gonna make time. Cause these two thing we know are impossible. No one can make or find time. If this is how its been for a really long time, then this is how it probably will stay moving on. And yes, that is a really messed up situation for you and I understand you are mad about it. But whatever you do, dont go into this thinking we will achieve some extra time or things around you will change, cause they won’t, only you will change.

At this point Lisa looked mad. way more than earlier.

I decided to put her in the boxing room and I handed her a 20 pound soft ball and told her to toss it to the ground. She did. Without seeing the point. I told her to toss it again. and she did. again and again. I told her to imagine the ball and what it represents…for her this could be the time…and the anger…the kids she felt took it all, the husband who doesn’t appreciate, the parents who are slipping away…the anger. And she did. Lisa put all these feelings in the ball and tossed it again to the floor. this time harder. and harder. and harder. After 15 minutes of tossing the ball and a whole lot of crying Lisa was done. She was done with being mad at her situation and ready to train….. So we did.


I am not telling you this story because I think the solution for us all is to toss a ball to the ground. Its more because I think we all are different but with a lot of the same examples. Its all in how we solve it. And this is how I think we can and have to inspire each other.

While a lot of my clients come to me to be inspired they end up inspiring me more than they know. Their change and their journey is way more inspiring than someones goal.

This is why Charlotte and I really want to hear and see your stories. Please send us your transformation pictures or just write us your story and include a picture of you. We would love to share your story here on www.girlsinshape.com so that someone else can be inspired by it. 

Send your transformation to: girlsinshape@girlsinshape.com

Lots of love from Johanna



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