Love YOUR body!

No one gets to call you too fat or too skinny. No one gets to say you are not the ideal. You are your ideal and we all find inspiration in different body types and shapes. Saying someone is too skinny and not healthy can be just as hurtful as telling someone they are fat. You dont get to tell someone how they should look!

Here at Girlsinshape Charlotte and I wanted to create a space and a place for people to share and find inspiration. If you find inspiration in a great smoothie recipe or in a new dinner idea thats great. If the inspiration for you lays in a new exercise or a sandy beach thats good too. We will also put it out there for you guys to find inspiration in other women’s bodies and the work they have done, wether they are small or big. The fact that someone is healthy and good on the inside is what matters to us. This will always be a place for any woman to show off her body, her work, her soul and her pride. And this is also the place where you can applaud her. But this is not the place for you to hate! This is not the place for you to tell someone they shouldn’t show off because they are not what you think is ideal. This goes for both big and small women!

This outburst of mine comes from Girlsinshape’s instagram picture of Charlotte that was put out today and created some comosion, we love a good discussion. But no hate!

I hope you guys respect our wish and we promise to on this site represent all body types and shapes! And hopefully inspire you to a healthy and happy lifestyle 🙂

Big love from Johanna

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