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Hi guys and happy monday!



Ok, so in LA we tend to see a lot of weird new fitness classes- some better than others. I like to test new classes all the time and one of my new favorites is the new spinnings classes called Real Ryder, where the bike actually moves with the driver. Like a real bike would. This makes the workout so much harder and you get a lot more of a workout out if it.


Here is a picture from when I brought Norwegian TV Puls to LA to check out the class.

Another new class that I really dont think is going to be the next big thing is the underwater spinning class.


Now, of course you are not totally under water..ha ha, but you legs and most of your body is. I understand and agree with the training in water argument, cause there is no doubt that training in water is good in many ways. Less pressure and tension on joints, bones and so on. But this just gets a little too much for me…maybe it is the Norwegian in me being so negative, hehe, and maybe I am totally wrong. Who knows, it might be the next big thing:)

What do you think?

Johanna 🙂



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