Super Bowl Snacks! The right way!


“I think I am pretty good eater” thats what almost all of my clients tell me. 🙂 And I believe them. Its usually someone else who ruins the very well planned out eating plan. Like when you are invited for lunch to a place that only serves fried food. Or you are invited to a dinner party and it feels rude to say no thanks to dessert. Or even worse…when its Super Bowl and everyone snacks! This weekend thats whats up here in the US. Super Bowl sunday and people will eat their heart out. So after I had experienced a couple of these Super Bowls I decided to make some healthy snack options. (just for those of us who dont want to eat our heart out, no pun intended 🙂 )

I am a HUGE hummus lover!! I eat hummus all the time, to everything and with everyone. For me it replaces dressing, sauce…actually whatever! When I am in Norway I usually make my own hummus by just mixing som chick peas (kikerter) Olive oil, garlic, lemon and a little water. I usually change it up by adding som artichoke, pinenuts and different things. And when I am in the US I just buy some of the hundreds options we have here. I actually love hummus so much that when this magazine in Norway was going to do an interview with me on my eating habits- the whole interview ended up being about hummus and I think they thought I was a bit crazy 🙂


As you see from the picture at the top my daughter also loves hummus! 🙂 We bring it as snacks everywhere!

So for this Super Bowl weekend- try it out! Make some options with hummus. Make it yourself or buy the different options. Cut up some vegetables and have som pita chips – people will love it!:)

Another tip is adding some healthy tacos to the party table, they dont have to be like the traditionals 😉


The ones I make is just steak, avocado, parmesan, cucumbers, lettuce and some chipotle sour cream sauce- so good!!

Happy Super Bowl guys!!! 🙂


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