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After having a baby and working full time I tend to struggle to find time for that 1 hour workout I would like to fit in. Also, a lot of my clients seems to have not only a time issue but struggling to find time to actually go to the gym. So I wanted to create a program you could literary fall out of bed and do right there and then, in your PJs, with no equipment other than your bed and in less that 30 minutes. So I did.  And I called it the bedside workout. Here is how you do it:


1. 20 Bed Squat. Stand facing at least 5 inches away from your bed, feet shoulder-width apart, with an upright posture. Using your quads and gluten, squat until you lightly touch the top of the mattress. Don’t sit all the way down. Return to start position. Do 20 reps.

2. 20 Pistol Squat. Sit close to the edge of the bed, arms out in front of you for balance, one foot raised slightly off the floor. Rise off the bed until fully upright pulling the elevated knee into your chest as you stand up. Do 10 on each leg.

3. 40 Bed climbers. Like I am showing here:


perform the mountain climbers by running on the spot with high knees. Making the knees come as close to the chest as possible. Count slowly to 40 while doing these.

4. 25 Bed push ups. Same starting position as the bed climbers and just do the push ups  to the bed. The angle to the floor makes the exercise harder or easier. Do 25 reps.

5. 21 Sleeping crab. Start laying down flat on your back. Raise one knee up by bending it. Raise your upper body up. Pull your arms back and hands to the floor and lift the hip and leg up to this position:



Back to starting position and do it again starting with the other leg. Do 21 reps.


6. 3 min x 3 Shoulder roll. Standing with an upright posture. Hold your arms out to the side away from you body. As if you imagine having a big ball in each hand and rubbing it, use shoulder and shoulder blade to turn hand under and over the imaginary ball. Do this for 3 minutes and take a 10 sek break before you go again. It will burn your shoulders 🙂

There you go! all you gotta do is fall out of bed and give me about 15-20 minutes and you got yourself a pretty good start to the day.

Love from Johanna:)


2 thoughts on “THE BEDSIDE WORK OUT

  • January 21, 2015 at 9:20 pm

    Jeg skal teste ut dette programmet i morgen tidlig! (Hvis ikke ungene krever for mye da…må jo alltid ha en unnskyldning til å slippe unna om nattesøvnen ikke har vart mer enn et par minutter). Flott blogg du har!

    Takk for at du var innom min blogg en tur:-)


    • January 22, 2015 at 4:56 am

      Hei Beate 🙂
      Takk for at du er innom bloggen vår 🙂 Ja, jeg lagde dette programmet for jeg trengte noe hvor jeg rett og slett kunne velte ut av senga og gjøre noe vettugt der og da på 15 min 🙂 Sånn har livet blitt med barn, ha ha 🙂
      Hilsen Johanna


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