The hurdles of training

Hi guys!

Do you feel like a workout, but you are not feeling the rain? Would you’ve totally gone for that run if you only had a couple of minutes to yourself away from the kids?

Well, I have felt the same way. I was lucky enough to have a somewhat easy pregnancy so I was able to train the whole time. I was also very determined to continue this healthy habit when my daughter was born. That would prove to be a lot harder…The idea is good, but the execution so much harder 🙂


But eventually I found my ways. I created a mommy and me workout for a Norwegian magazine where I showed exercises that could be done with you kid. And as your kid grows and gets heavier – you get stronger. 🙂


And I basically figured out that I had to include Savannah in my workouts. So now..when it rains we go out and run 🙂


I also get my exercise done with her, we make it a fun play time by the pool 🙂

image27-768x1024 image28-768x1024

Can you see her directing my moves 🙂

Anyways my advice of the day i guess, is to not try to find more time. Cause lets face it: we only got those same 24 hours. But instead try to bring your kid in on the workout. It might not be as good of a session, but it will be a lot of fun for the both of you 🙂

Big hug from Johanna


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