The story of a good guy



There are some people who just do too good. They are almost too good for themselves. These are some of the hardest people to train, but always my favorite challenge. These people who already do everything they could and should, but they still can’t reach their goal. Norwegian Stian is one of these people. I was so lucky to meet this man as I took on the trainer job for health food chain Sunkost in their common sense campaign. My job was to make a program for their 3 ambassadors and Stian was one of them. For all of you Norwegian readers you can read his story here:

I absolutely love the common sense campain. I think we are about to go crazy over everything we are trying to achieve in a very short time. We feel the need to be and do super in all areas in the shortest amount of time and somewhere between all the green juices and fitness trends we tend to drown- unable to remember our own common sense.

Have a great week girlfriends! and dont forget your common sense when it comes to fitness, body issues and food 😉 Love yourself and your body – you probably deserve it!



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