We are back from summer vacay!!!

Hi guys!


Sorry, we have been MIA lately. We did what Norway does best: we took a looong summer vacay. 🙂 But we did stay on with our personal blogs www.manhattangirl.com and www.johannastyle.com throughout the summer. Make sure to follow us there as well 🙂

We have so much fun coming up this fall season. We are finally coming out in moving pictures!!! Girlsinshape is launching our very own YouTube channel shortly! You will be able to watch all our fitness videos, training tips and exercises all on our YouTube channel!
Johanna also launched her private YouTube channel this summer and Charlotte’s coming very soon! Make sure to subscribe to Johanna’s Youtube channel: johannagmesa

We hope you have all stayed put with your training this summer. If you need some unified support its not too late to join Johanna’s #100squats100dayswithmeandi challenge. It is what is says: do 100 squats for 100 days take your inspirational pictures of where and how you do yours and make sure you hashtag #100squats100dayswithmeandi for the US and #100knebøy100dagermedmeandi for Norway or you can do both 🙂

You can even win some amazing prices from swedish clothing brand Me&i.

Big love from us and we hope you are just as excited as us for this fall season 🙂



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