When it rains it pours


Have you ever heard the expression? When it rains it pours? When things are already bad, they happen to get even worse sometimes. Its the same thing when it comes to training. If you already had that chocolate that day, you might as well just have the ice cream as well- the day is already done anyway right? Well, I think the key to making fitness and training a part of your everyday is just this. Making it a part of your everyday means that no day is perfect, the day can exist of a bad and good and its all about finding that balance and being ok with it. As Charlotte and I now are making our way into a new chapter with Girls in Shape (this was only the beginning, you will now see our workouts in videos :)) we know this more than ever- that its all about that balance.

IMG_2936 IMG_2946

When it rains it pours- but we all know the sun will come out again really soon 🙂

Much love from Johanna

(who happens to be in rainy Norway right now )




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