When just a little bit matters



Sometimes I go to the gym and end up doing almost nothing, but its still so good. Those days are good too. Sometimes we dont need to push ourselves. We dont need to impress anyone or prove anything. We just need to move around a little bit and be with ourselves. Those days also do us good and they also qualify for a pat on the back.

When I am Norway I am so lucky that I have the best gym as my neighbour. I can just run next door to a place called Myrens Sportssenter and the best thing about this gym is that everyone seems to be here to just work out. No showing off, no trying to impress and no judging. We just work out. myrens2



I started my day with a visit to Good Morning Norway. They had seen the bedside workout here at Girlsinshape and wanted me to show it on the show. 🙂 I love visiting Good Morning Norway, its such a great start to the day.


Happy monday guys!


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