Why did we start GIRLSINSHAPE?

Because the only thing that works when it comes to fitness, health and getting in shape is support. If we push each other down, get jealous or think for a second that we are different and can’t do it- it won’t work. All my clients have to give themselves a pat on the back…. But I literally make them give themselves a pat on the back- right there and then! Its so important and both Charlotte and I thought we needed a place where women can connect and find inspiration, ideas and advice when it comes to fitness and health. Later we will also add before and after inspirational pictures from all of you readers- we can’t wait for that! We had not even really launched this site and you guys were all over it and the visitors to this site was overwhelming the first couple of weeks. But it was so amazing for Charlotte and me to see that it was really a need for this.

so please….give yourself a pat on the back. Please love your body- thats one of the most important things we do! And join us for this roadtrip of fun, inspiration, fitness, health and pure girlpower.

Much love from Johanna and Charlotte 🙂


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